Transparency update regarding domain

We have recently received an email from Porkbun stating that "We're receiving complaints about https://mirror.ganged.club/" and that "Doxxing like this can't happen on Porkbun-registered domains." We have published this email on our Twitter for transparency reasons. They had provided us several options: remove the content, transfer from Porkbun to another registrar, or lose the domain. We wanted to keep the content up, so we chose the option of transferring registrars.

We have transferred the domain to Key-Systems LLC (reg.com/reg.ru), which should hopefully work in our favor as we know this registrar is fairly reputable and will gladly keep our content up, unlike Porkbun. This also adds the extra benefit of keeping the domain paid for until 2023, so the complanits actually added to the potential longevity of the content in the long run.

It is a shame to see that, in these times, providing the publicly searchable information of another person is considered as illegal by so many registrars, hosting companies, and other figures, yet it has never actually been illegal. If we should be shut down, then so should White Pages, Dehashed, and all the other sources that we already get our information from, since it is so illegal to host information that can already be found through other sources. In practicality, it's almost like considering scraping as illegal. You have a bunch of data from some different sites, you aggregate the important data into a more usable format, and then you publish it online. How is that any different from what we are doing? We go to the sites for you, gather all the important information, and give it to you in a human-readable format, so how are we any different than a scraper? Besides the fact that we deal with "personal information" (it really isn't personal in this day and age), but White Pages and the million other "people search" websites already give that to you anyways, so what are we doing differently that makes it so "illegal"? Nothing? To our knowledge, there is no law that prevents us from publishing this personal information online. There are laws that say we can't use the personal information in an attempt to intimidate someone by threatening to kill them, but that's not what we're doing, is it? If you can prove us wrong, please let us know.

What does this mean for ganged.club?

This should hopefully mean the end of the various chaos we have had to endure during our time as a public Internet service, but we are still trialing this new registrar. We are hoping they will not be as senseless as the rest of the registrars that we have used, but only time will tell. In the meantime, please stay in touch with us via our Twitter, just in case something does go wrong. We do not know the culprit at this time, but if we can find out, we will let the general public know via Twitter.

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